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Friends Only ^^

Friends Only
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??? Why friends only???
Cause certain people are jerks, who violate people's privacy. So, this is the best way to keep them out.
That makes sense.. You're so smart!!
*grins* waaaaiiiii ^^ Never been called smart before ^_^
But you are!! Believe me, I know these things, I am 'The Goddess'!!!!!
very pretty.....what font did you use on the headline?
It's called Starhound, but I don't remember where I found it ><;;;
groovy. I shall search about for it yo ^_^
o.o Friends only.... didn't know you had a lot of usernames. ^^ Can I add you?
Sure you can ^^

I'll add you back.
Hi! ^_^

I came across your journal...and from what I can see, you're a pretty cool person. My journal's friends only, too, I know how it can be.

I wanted to ask you if you would add me back. :33
Of course I'll add you back ^^

I adore your icon by the way!
i love your journal
Thanks ^^
Ello! Ish Carly! *huggles* how you? :)
I ish great ^^ Your added!
sugoi! =3
i'd like to formally invite you to the first, only and best harry and the potters community harrypotters
Wow! *Is honoured* Thank you, the only thing is, I'm moving to a new LJ, would it be possible to be added underneath my new LJ name?
its an open membership community :)
Cool! I'll go there now! Thanks ^^