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Stop The Drama, See The Light

Open Your Eyes...

17 September

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User Number: 808298
Date Created:2002-12-10
Number of Posts: 605

Jess//Bambi is a Harry Potter Addict, a proud Canadian, a Gamer and a Music junkie, and is never too far from her discman or a stero. Jess will be moving to Denver soon to attend school there. Her favorite Harry Potter characters are Ginevra "Ginny" Weasley, and Draco Malfoy and her favorite house is Slytherin. Jess also likes going out with friends and partying as much as she can. Spending time with friends is her favorite thing and math is her least favorite thing. Jess is Jess. Better get used to it now, because she's not changing!
Strengths: Friendly, Easy to please, Can cook a meal without burning down a house, Cheerful, Likes to listen to others, Can bend into a perfect backwards bridge, Can ramble for hours about Harry Potter and recite dialouge from the books, Will start a conversation with anyone.
Weaknesses: Pretty Men, Procrastinates, Pretty Men, Can't hold her alcohol, Easily frustrated, Pretty Men, Easily bored, Pretty Men, Math class, Draco Malfoy, Pretty Men...
Special Skills: Can bend into a perfect backwards bridge. Can finish the 5th Harry Potter book in under 12 hours, Can Kareoke like no tomorrow, When Drunk can easily forget embarassing things ^^
Weapons: Can scream at an abnormally high pitch, that most people can't stand. Also has razor sharp nails and teeth for scratching and biting! Also, she owns a set of Shuriken and is skilled at Archery.
Favorite Bands: Linkin Park, AFI, Lacuna Coil, Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Story of The Year, Hoobastank, Billy Talent, Mindless Self Indulgence, Bowling For Soup, Finger Eleven, and H.I.M.

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i'm in slytherin!